“Tools were made, and born were hands.”   – William Blake

The baker’s life is in his hands. There is no substitute for the subtle touch one needs to react to a dough. Although your hands are the best tools to guide your bread, you will need to outfit your kitchen for artisan baking. Below is a list of basic equipment you will need to be efficient and successful:

Large mixing bowl, preferably metal

2 metal mixing bowls that fit side-by-side in your oven

Electronic scale

4 cup liquid measuring cup

Rubber spatula

Measuring spoons

Small plastic containers with lids

4 quart clear, plastic bin with lid

Flexible dough scraper

Bench knife

Shallow bowls or baskets

Cotton kitchen towels or old t-shirts

Serrated knife or razor blades

Baking stone

Baking peel

Wire cooling rack

Optional:  instant-read thermometer

Most of these items can be found cheaply at restaurant equipment stores. You’ll notice that I don’t include a standing mixer. All of the sourdough breads I will be sharing with you are hand mixed. This is a skill that is both rewarding and fundamental to your success as a baker. If you have any questions about the above list or anything I’ve said so far, please leave me a comment.


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