Birdsong Bread the book

Good news, Birdsong Bread readers. Birdsong Bread will soon be offered as an ebook, with a new title: Birdsong Bread: Methods and Recipes for Honest Bread. The blog will still be open to anyone interested in making brilliant bread at home. So why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? The rise in tablets and ereaders have proven the demand for longer reading experiences. Birdsong Bread the book offers readers a deeper experience than what you would get through the blog alone. Also, the book gives me a chance to demonstrate my knowledge and interests in a more meaningful way.

Things to look forward to in the Birdsong Bread Book:

  • An in-depth look into the ingredients in bread
  • The science of good bread making
  • Clear and concise instructions, methods, and techniques
  • Updated recipes

I’m shooting for the first week of September for the book to be on sale. Birdsong Bread: Methods and Recipes for Honest Bread will be available for sale through these online stores:

  • Amazon
  • iBooks
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • Copia
  • Gardners
  • Baker & Taylor
  • eSentral
  • Scribd
  • Flipkart
  • Oyster
  • Ciando

Thank you to everyone for supporting Birdsong Bread. I hope you will check out the new ebook, Birdsong Bread: Methods and Recipes for Honest Bread. Look for it at the stores listed above the first week of September. Opus Est Diligo.