Buck Wild


Buckwheat has an heirloom heritage in my home state of West Virginia. First planted in the 1850s, after a late spring frost wiped out traditional grains, buckwheat is still grown and celebrated today. This bread uses the kernel, or groat, which is first toasted and then soaked overnight. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                             1000 g                                   100%

White Flour                             900 g                                     90%

Whole-Wheat Flour               100 g                                     10%

Buckwheat Kernels               200 g                                     20%

Levain                                     200 g                                      20%

Water                                      650 g                                      65%

Salt                                           24 g                                      2.4%

Toast the buckwheat kernels in a dry skillet, over medium-heat, until lightly browned and nutty, 5 – 10 minutes. Put buckwheat in a small bowl and pour over enough boiling water to cover. Stir to combine and let sit overnight. Drain and rinse buckwheat kernels in a fine-mesh strainer, add in at the Mix and continue on through the Bake.

Another fine jam and honey bread. Don’t be afraid to go Buck Wild.