Mr. Potato Bread


I fear I might take potatoes for granted. Food shortages have haunted history since, probably, the beginning of time, and wheat is no exception. In scarce times, potatoes were added to breads to feed hungry bellies when wheat was not in abundance. This somber tradition carries on today, and potato breads are an austere reminder of the power of food.

I start the hydration of this bread at 60%. The dough will feel dry and stiff before the autolyse, however, after the autolyse, it will have hydrated considerably. Use your intuition, but you will want to keep this dough a little on the stiff side. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                          1,000 g                       100%

White Flour                           900 g                         90%

Whole-Wheat Flour             100 g                         10%

Mashed Potatoes,

Unsalted                               1 Cup

Fresh Rosemary,

Minced                                   8 tsp.

Levain                                    200 g                        20%

Water                                     600 g                        60 %

Salt                                           24 g                        2.4 %

Tender and satisfying, potato bread is a comfort in all seasons.