Durum Durum


Durum flour is nothing more than finely ground semolina flour. Here it is mixed with toasted wheat germ and olive oil. These give the loaf a nutty flavor and an almost cakelike crumb. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                          1,000 g                        100%

White Flour                           500 g                          50%

Durum Flour                         500 g                          50%

Toasted Wheat Germ            50 g                            5%

Good Olive Oil                        30 g                            3%

Levain                                    200 g                          20%

Water                                     700 g                          70%

Salt                                           21 g                          2.1%

Go ahead and throw everything in at the Mix (the salt after the autolyse) and continue on through the Bake. The only thing that might need adjustment is the hydration level. The wheat germ may soak up a little extra water, so add more if the dough feels stiff.

This loaf turns out a flecked, golden crumb and a nut-brown crust. Use as a vehicle for a number of fares, or enjoy it on its own. Delish!


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