Almost Famous

Thank you to for nominating me for the Liebster Award. As requested, here are the goods:

11 “facts” about myself:

1. When I sit in the sun too long, my skin peels off in one great mass.

2. I am allergic to Ohio.

3. My tears are made out of chocolate milk.

4. My left eye only sees in Claymation.

5. I have varicose veins that look like a road map of Kentucky.

6. I can hear photosynthesis.

7. I went to summer camp to learn how to put those tiny ships in glass bottles.

8. I can only digest bars of Irish Spring soap.

9. I once freed a whole pet store back into the wild.

10. I bake in the nude.

11. On the weekends, I do C-Span re-enactments.


The 11 questions my nominator asked me:

1. What would be your last meal? Venison Roast, Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli with Cheese.

2. Favorite flavor combination? Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

3. Favorite childhood place to visit? Camp.

4. Do you prefer sweet or savory foods? Savory, unless it’s chocolate.

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Spain.

6. Do you prefer a large house and small yard, or a small house and large yard? Small house and a large yard.

7. Rainy days or bright and sunny days? Bright and Sunny Days, but Not Too Hot.

8. What is your happy music? Robyn.

9. Which band or musician would you most want to see live (dead or living)? 1970 Grateful Dead.

10. What is your creative outlet? My Blog.

11. Sparkling water or still? Tickle Water.


My 11 questions to the nominees (see below):

1. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin?

2. What was the first thing you learned to cook?

3. What actor/actress would play you in a movie?

4. Do you have any cool scars?

5. If you could pick an animal to talk to, what would it be?

6. If you could delete any memory from your brain, what would it be?

7. What food were you made to eat as a kid?

8. What smell reminds you of home?

9. What makes you laugh?

10. What Olympic sport would you like to try?

11. What fairy tale character would you be?


And here are the 11 people I nominated:

If you are nominated, here is what you need to do:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.

2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.

3. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them.

5. Remember, no tag backs.


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