Butter Me Up


This yummy bread gives you a light texture, mild sweetness, and clean flavor. A simple treat on its own, but almost soporific with warm butter and jam. However you enjoy this crusty comfort, it is sure to win you over. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                          1,000 g                        100%

White Flour                           900 g                          90%

Whole-wheat Flour              100 g                          10%

Rolled Oats                           200 g                          20%

Levain                                    200 g                          20%

Water                                     350 g                          35%

Buttermilk                             350 g                          35%

Honey                                      30 g                           3 %

Salt                                           24 g                          2.4%

This bread is pretty straight forward. Just add the oats and honey in at the Mix and continue on through the Bake. The only trouble you may have is the hydration level of the dough. Depending on how much liquid the oats soak up in the Mix, a little more water might be needed. The addition of buttermilk will tighten up the crumb, so don’t be afraid to make the dough a little on the loose side.

As good as this bread is on its own, it would be no sin to make French toast or bread pudding out of an entire loaf. Just the opposite – a buttered binge.


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