Gone A-Rye

This rye bread is a little different in that it uses rye chops (cracked rye) instead of rye flour. This gives the crumb a little extra crunch and soul. If you can’t find rye chops, substitute rye flour for the whole-wheat flour:  75% white flour, 25% rye flour, and decrease salt to 20 g. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                          1,000 g                        100%

White Flour                           900 g                          90%

Whole-wheat Flour              100 g                          10%

Rye Chops                            200 g                          20%

Levain                                    200 g                          20%

Water                                     650 g                          65%

Salt                                          24 g                           2.4%

The night before you mix the dough, soak the rye chops by pouring over enough boiling water to cover. Mix until all the grains are hydrated and cover with a towel. Add the soaked chops in at the Mix and continue on through the Bake. The rye will have absorbed most of the water in the soaker, so use your intuition to feel out the dough when mixing.

This is great bread for moppin’ up any kind of meat juice or gravy, but perfectly fine on its own. Spread some butter onto this humble loaf for a meltdown you’ll enjoy.


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