The Poppy in the Rye


Rye breads hold a lot of potential and creativity for the baker. They can range from acutely sour to downright puckering. This bread uses high-gluten flour to keep the loaf light and tender, but bread flour works fine. The addition of poppy and fennel seeds adds a pleasant flavor boost. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                              1,000 g                       100%

High-gluten Flour                    750 g                          75%

Rye Flour                                   250 g                          25%

Poppy Seeds                                50 g                           5 %

Fennel Seeds, toasted                15 g                          1.5%

Levain                                        200 g                           20%

Water                                         700 g                           70%

Salt                                                21 g                           2.1%

Easy enough, just add the seeds in at the Mix and continue on through the Bake.

This makes great sandwich bread, perhaps with some cream cheese and smoked salmon.


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