Wild Oats Inside Her


I know what you’re thinking, but not to worry. The only rise you need for this bread is a hot oven. The inclusion of oats and cracked wheat give this bread a handsome flecked crumb, while the apple cider lends a welcome tartness. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                                           1,000 g                                          100%

White Flour                                            900 g                                             90%

Whole-Wheat Flour                              100 g                                              10%

Levain                                                   200 g                                             20%

Oats                                                      100 g                                             10%

Cracked Wheat                                      100 g                                             10%

Apple Cider                                            350 g                                             35%

Water                                                      300 g                                             30%

Salt                                                          24 g                                               2.4%

You will need to prepare a “soaker” for this bread. The night before, or at least two hours before you mix the dough, put the oats and cracked wheat in a small bowl. Pour enough boiling water to cover the grains and cover. The grains will absorb most of the water, so you will need less liquid in the Mix. As always, use your intuition and feel to guide your dough. Add the soaked grains in at the Mix as well as the apple cider. Continue on through the Bake. Breathe deep and enjoy.


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