Apple of My Eye


This bread packs a double-whammy of apple flavor. Dried apples stud the crumb while tart apple cider is used to mix the dough. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                                      1,000 g                                      100%

White Flour                                        900 g                                        90%

Rye Flour                                           100 g                                         10%

Levain                                                200 g                                         20%

Raw Apple Slices,

Peeled                                               300 g                                         30%

Apple Cider                                        350 g                                         35%

Water                                                 350 g                                         35%

Salt                                                      22 g                                          2.2%

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Peel and thinly slice the apples. Place them on a cookie sheet, and dry them in the oven until they feel leathery, about 1 hour. Once the apples have cooled, add them in at the Mix and continue on through the Bake.

This bread is good enough on its own, but I suggest eating it with a variety of cheeses (perhaps by an outdoor fire so you can grill a thick slice). Wonderful!