Cracked Out


Crunchy and chewy, this wheat bread is surprisingly light and soulful. You will need to soak the cracked wheat the night before mixing, otherwise you might chip a tooth trying to chew it. Also, notice that the dough is slightly less hydrated than the Country Sourdough. The cracked wheat will absorb a lot of the water after being soaked. Use your intuition to judge the final feel of the dough. The Baker’s Percentage for this bread is as follows:

Total Flour                                                  1,000 g                                        100%

White Flour                                                    900 g                                          90%

Whole-Wheat Flour                                       100 g                                          10%

Levain                                                           200 g                                          20%

Cracked Wheat                                             200 g                                          20%

Water                                                            650 g                                          65%

Salt                                                                 24 g                                           2.4%

The night before mixing the dough you will need to prepare a “soaker.” Put the cracked wheat in a small heatproof bowl. Pour enough boiling water over the wheat to cover it. Stir the wheat until fully hydrated and cover with a towel. Add the “soaker” at the beginning of the Mix. Pay attention to how the dough feels, you may need to add some extra water to offset the absorption of the cracked wheat. Finish the steps through the Bake.

This bread is hearty and delicious. Perfect for a sandwich or soaking up roast meat juices.